For fall :: the perfect golden yellow

(In case I haven’t enthused about The Plucky Knitter enough already)
Things are getting autumnal up in here. #knitting #knittingoutside #autumn #yarn #thepluckyknitter #golden #yellow #hat #nofilter

I am test-knitting my own design. The first iteration was in handspun and came out exactly as I had imagined. I couldn’t resist giving it a whirl in one of my favorite Plucky bases, Plucky Rustic (an aran weight). I thought the gauge in the Rustic was the same(ish) as with the handspun, but I was wrong, and the hat turned out bigger and slouchier than I meant.

So. It’s a good thing I love this yarn, because I’m about to be reknitting the whole dang thing.

(like my project bag? I do, too! It’s a Schrodinger Original )

4 thoughts on “For fall :: the perfect golden yellow

  1. I have been too busy to knit, or too tired. Yearning to get back to my second little girl’s sweater for my other goddaughter. Then, onto that sweater for MY daughter. I do so love that green sweater you knit this summer.

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