Fashion Friday :: Stitch Fix #2, a review

So you guys like the Stitch Fix*, eh? Judging from the response I got on Facebook to last week’s Stitch Fix post, there are a lot of us out there who would enjoy a little attention from a personal shopper. Like many of you, I really like to do a lot of my shopping online these days, which is great for convenience but not-so-great for getting feedback from a trusted friend or salesclerk. It’s nice to have an objective eye about what looks good, what might work together, what fits with your style, etc.

One thing I didn’t mention last week about Stitch Fix is that each piece in the package includes a couple of pictures of styling options. This is great for giving ideas about how to pair your clothes for work or for going out. So in addition to actually sending you clothing items, they are also sending you ideas that can help guide your own shopping.

As I mentioned last week, I’ve gotten a Fix three times now, and each time, I’ve kept at least one item. I got the second box in May. Here’s what they sent:

Stitch Fix #2

#1 – blouse – royal blue, flutter sleeves (left, top two pictures)- I really loved the color of this and the sleeves are darling, but as you can see, they fall open. I don’t like this because I have a tattoo (kids, I am a cautionary tale – I got this in my 20s and lived to regret it). This is a shirt that would’ve been great for work, except for that. I also wasn’t in love with the neckline and wasn’t sure it was the best cut for me. I was very on the fence about this piece, but I ended up sending it back. I am committed to only keeping clothes that I really love.

#2 – maxi dress – chevron print (pictured, with denim jacket, center; pictured, on its own, top right; print pictured bottom left)- there are no words for how much I LOVE this dress. I have worn it SO much this summer – by itself, with a denim jacket, with a light cream cardi. I’ve worn it to wedding rehearsals, bridal showers, a Fleetwood Mac concert, and even a pirate cruise. Yes, you read that right. This dress is super-comfortable and I ADORE the print. I own nothing else like it.

#3 – sleeveless red shell (pictured middle right). Very cute in theory but I didn’t think it was very flattering on. Might’ve looked good with a black jacket, which I don’t currently own.

#4 – polka dot top (pictured bottom right) – Theoretically the right size, but as you can see, it runs way small. Ugh!

#5 – an aqua print scarf (not pictured) – very cute, but at $50 I already knew I wasn’t going to keep it, so I didn’t even take it out of its sealed bag. I’ve read somewhere that, psychologically, we grow more attached to things we touch, so I decided not to even tempt myself by holding the pretty pretty scarf.

This box was a big success for the dress alone. I really can’t quite capture how much I love it. And I get compliments on it every single time I wear it, especially (and most importantly) from my husband, who is not a person who tends to repeat himself, so I take it seriously when he does.

On a pirate ship

Chilling in my maxi dress on a pirate ship, as one does


*Stitch Fix is a personal shopping/styling service – you fill out a style questionnaire on their site so that they get a sense of your “style profile.” Then you pay a $20 “styling fee” and they hand-pick five items for you, based on your preferences. They ship the box to you, you try everything on, and then you select what, if anything, you want to keep; the $20 styling fee goes toward the cost of anything you choose. If you don’t want to keep anything, you ship everything back in the package provided (they keep the $20 styling fee). If you decide to keep everything, you get a 25% discount (minus the $20 you already paid them). I do not receive any compensation from them for reviewing my experience with them.

But I *do* get a credit towards my next Fix if you schedule a Fix for yourself via my referral link: here. If you have questions about how it works, you can see their FAQ here – and I am more than happy to answer any questions based on my experience, too.

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