knitted :: Oh! Baby Baby Booties

Oh! Baby

Oh! Baby

I’ve proclaimed a lot of baby knits to be my “go-to” patterns in the past.

For the longest time, it was the Baby Surprise Jacket. I made it a lot. And then I got tired of making it. Then I made a couple of Easy Baby Cardigans, and declared that my go-to, before moving on to a few others.

But my standard bootie pattern has always remained the same. The Oscar Booties are so sweet and fast. I’ve made them plenty: to match Baby Surprise Jackets,a couple of times, but also to stand on their own, just as sweet little booties. It’s a great little pattern, made sweeter by the addition of a ribbon for a tie.

But this summer, I was struck with the urge to try a different pattern. I love the look of garter booties, but this time I wanted something that didn’t need tying. I was delighted to find on Ravelry the Oh! Baby Baby Booties. Cute, right? I found them irresistible. So I grabbed some yarn leftover from my Narragansett Pullover, and whipped up a pair while traveling this summer.

So wee!

So wee!

Look how they both fit in one hand!!

These made perfect car knitting:

Travel knitting

Travel knitting

I made these for a sweet little boy, born on my birthday this year, to a couple of dear friends. I sent them along with a couple of books that were favorites in our house when our littles were little.
baby package

These were such a sweet and fun knit, and they took almost no time at all. I love how the cuff is made to keep them on perfectly without the need for any ties. And booties are just such a dear little thing, in my opinion. Perhaps I shall call them my new go-to baby pattern?


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