in progress :: Summer’s Last Hurrah (Cape Cod)

I am just inches away from completing my summer pullover, and just inches away from running out of yarn (I’m even knitting from my gauge swatch to use up every last inch of yarn). I am, of course, knitting faster, in hopes of out-knitting the potential yarn shortage. This totally makes sense, right?

I do have another skein of the yarn, but would like not to crack into it if I can avoid it.

I had an entire chatty post written, all about this sweater, with multiple links and pictures. And then flickr ate it, entirely, as soon as I attempted to post it. I usually copy the draft before posting, just in case, but I got distracted this time and failed to do it – the one time posting from flickr didn’t work. At any rate, this will be my last time posting from flickr. I’m trying to spend as little time as possible on flickr these days anyway, as there current layout has killed all the joy I once had over there.

Okay, excuse me now, I need to get back to this:
Stuck on sleeve island, but at least there are copious amounts of coffee here #knitting #coffee #limegreen #summer #sweater #crafting

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