briefly, a winner

Santa Rosa Beach, originally uploaded by earthchick.

Dear people, you have blown me away. BLOWN ME AWAY. I have lots more to say – I need to respond to so many comments about so many issues related to my sandhole post(s) – but I just needed to come by to say THANK YOU for getting the word out about sandhole collapses and how to prevent them. I post about this every year, but somehow this year you guys made it go viral, and in the last week, over 500,000 people – half a million people! – read the post. That sound you hear is my jaw on the floor.

Thank you, dear readers.

I counted up the comments on the giveaway post (both on here and on Facebook) and plugged the final number into the random number generator for the giveaway. The generator picked Michele (there were at least three Micheles who commented; I’ve been in touch with the one who was selected). Thank you, Michele, and everyone for what you did to get the word out.

And thank you, also, for all your kind and thoughtful comments. I look forward to responding soon!

2 thoughts on “briefly, a winner

  1. Thank you so much for the post as the mother of a 3.5 year old daughter who absolutely adores water and beach and sand for that matter never ever saw or imagined beach to be this risky. I will be extra careful from now on,
    Sorry you had to go through this but through your experience you must have saved countless lives.
    Thank you

  2. Hi, I live in Pacific Beach CA. and have a 4 year old little girl. I grew up going to the beach and surf alot. I take my daughter to the beach all of the time. I want the lifeguards as well as the community to be aware of this. I would like to write something up in our local paper that covers 5 beach communities in San Diego. Would you mind if I include your story in the article and if not at least the link for your post in the article? Thanks again fo sharing and waking up people like me who had no idea something like this could happen.

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