Tour de Fleece :: Day 7

Tour de Fleece :: Day 7, originally uploaded by earthchick.

Making good progress on my 20oz. gradient sweater spin. Pictured above, L-R:
Spunky Eclectic Mixed BFL, “Forest” – 2 ply DKish, 3.7oz, 250yds
Funky Carolina + Spunky Eclectic Mixed BFL, “Carrots”+”Forest” – 2 ply DKish, 1.3oz, 102yds (not yet soaked)
Funky Carolina, “Carrots” – 2 ply DKish, 3.1oz, 218 yds (not yet soaked)

I’m still getting accustomed to my new wheel and every now and then run into some problems – plying the 3rd skein gave me fits last night. The flyer just wasn’t turning consistently. I fiddled around and finally got it going well, but about a third of that skein ended up thicker than the rest.

Now on the wheel:
Tour de Fleece :: Day 7
Southern Cross Fibre Mixed Shetland, “Desert Sun”

I love spinning Mixed BFL, but I LOVE spinning Mixed Shetland.

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