Tour de Fleece :: Days 4, 5, & 6

Tour de Fleece :: Days 4,5,&6, originally uploaded by earthchick.

Busy days, but I am making steady progress on my TdF project. Last night, I finished plying my first skein, Spunky Eclectic Mixed BFL in “Forest.” It’s 3.7 oz. sportweight 2-ply. I was aiming for fingering, and it actually looks close to that to me, but the total yardage is only 250 yards for the 3.7 ounces, and that’s more in line with a DK-weight. So I’m calling it sportweight. I hate to show it before it’s bath, but that seems to be what we do during Tour de Fleece, yes?

As I’ve mentioned, I’m doing a gradient spin in preparation to knit a Sugar Maple. The pattern calls for fingering, but I guess I’ll make it work with a slightly heavier yarn.

The next yarn is now on the wheel – Funky Carolina Mixed BFL in “Carrots.” I left roughly .3 ounces of the Spunky Eclectic as singles on the bobbins to blend with the Funky Carolina. The “Carrot” is mostly coppery orange with some forest green, and the “Forest” is all green. I can’t wait to see how it plies up.

Hope you are enjoying a good Tour and a happy Independence Day!

5 thoughts on “Tour de Fleece :: Days 4, 5, & 6

  1. beautiful! I’m not a huge fan of greens but that shade of green is very very deep and gorgeous. More like teal? I just got a second wheel (borrowing from a friend) so I’m having so much fun on both my Ashford Kiwi and Traditional.

  2. So after spinning and knitting the whole 8oz of Dinosaur, and the 8oz of “special brown” superwash merino from Spunky Eclectic , I still ran out of yarn! I even unraveled my swatch and got a few rows out of that. So close to the end too, all I have left is 3 rows! I thought about just leaving it at that, but my sister Pat said that I’d be happier with it if I truly finished it, and she’s right. I still want to lengthen the sleeves too. So Amy is kindly dyeing more fiber for me. Again! I asked for another 8oz which will be plenty, with leftovers for something else, maybe a hat to match.

  3. I read the original 2007 post and it spoke to me because I recently lived those 5 minutes with my infant daughter (seizure, stopped breathing, all is now well, yay!). I can relate to seeing her a different way, having been “given back” to me. It’s been weeks, not years, for me, so seeing her and thinking “I could be living this moment without you” is still very near. I like your idea of celebrating!

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