Tour de Fleece :: Days 1+2

Tour de Fleece :: Days 1+2, originally uploaded by earthchick.

So it has begun!

I had limited time with the wheel on TdF Day 1, due to travels. I spent some time before hitting the road doing some plying. I hate showing yarn that hasn’t yet been washed, but here ’tis.
Tour de Fleece :: Day 1

This is 176 yards chain-plied heavy worsted Pigeonroof Fiber Studios Superwash Merino, “Calico.” I had intended it to be much thinner than heavy worsted, but I’m still getting used to spinning in double drive.

My sweet Cherry Matchless was a quiet and happy traveling partner yesterday and today. Nestled in the back with my Detroit Tigers pillow pet, she smiled at me occasionally when I glanced back in my rearview. 820 miles later, she was happy to get out of the car and get to work.

Tour de Fleece :: Day 2

I started tonight with Spunky Eclectic Mixed BFL in “Forest.” I only get maybe half an ounce spun, but it was a delicious spin and I’m looking forward to more!

3 thoughts on “Tour de Fleece :: Days 1+2

  1. i spun on my instructor’s cherry Matchless (same edition, i believe) in my first lesson. drooooolll….
    can’t wait to see what else you spin up. 🙂

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