planned :: Tour de Fleece!

fiber :: Tour de Fleece plans!, originally uploaded by earthchick.

Just popping in to show you my very ambitious Tour de Fleece plans. They’re ambitious because I’m traveling for most of the tour, but I did bring my wheel with me (I still need to show you my! new! wheel!). I’m excited about what I’ve got planned:

Above is my main plan for the tour:

From left to right:

4 oz. Spunky Eclectic Mixed BFL, “Forest

4 oz. Funky Carolina Mixed BFL, “Carrots”

4 oz. Southern Cross Fibre Mixed Shetland, “Dessert Sun”

4 oz. Spunky Eclectic Mixed BFL, “Cranberry”

3.8 oz. Southern Cross Fibre Mixed Shetland, “Decadent Chocolate”

I’m planning to spin this up for a Sugar Maple . GAH! Isn’t that just a totally gorgeous sweater?! I’ve had my eye on it since before the pattern was published. This will be my first gradient type spin – any pointers?

One of my favorite knits from last year is my handspun Cladonia . I’d like to start a beach-inspired one while I visit the Emerald Coast this summer. So I want to spin this undyed Masham to go with these other handspuns:

options :: handspun TTL Cladonia

The yarn at the top is my handspun Hello Yarn Wensleydale singles in “Smells of the Sea” – I’m thinking to stripe it with itself for the main part of the shawl. I think I’ll use the undyed Masham for the lace part of the Cladonia. And then the trim will either be the teal (Funky Carolina 2-ply merino in “Dragonskin”) or the yellow (Spunky Eclectic Romney singles in “Sumac”).

I’m also breaking out my spindle for a few days of the tour – I don’t think I’m going to take my wheel to the beach with me, so I figured the spindle would be a good alternative. I totally suck at spindle spinning but figured I would give it a go. I brought along this Abby’s Batt that’s been in my stash for a few years:

the goods

I got a lot of spinning done this month and hope to show you some soon. I also finished my Through the Loops Mystery Shawl but still need to get it blocked and photographed.

Happy tour, y’all! And happy summer!

3 thoughts on “planned :: Tour de Fleece!

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  2. They look really pretty, and the pattern looks amazing! It’s so cool that you spin your own yarn! 😀 I’ve wanted to try for a while, but I don’t even know where to begin.

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