in progress :: Through the Loops Mystery Shawl KAL 2013

It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE fan of Through the Loops . I love her designs, and her patterns are always clear and easy-to-follow. And she runs great Mystery Knit-alongs!

So when she announced her Mystery Shawl 2013 KAL last month *and* made it clear that it would involve multiple colors, I couldn’t resist, even though I already have too many wips to count.

It just so happened that The Plucky Knitter was having an update a couple of weeks ago, and I got obsessed with the idea of a grey, golden, and purple shawl in Plucky Feet. I got cartjacked more than once during the frenzy, and then came to terms with the fact that I shouldn’t really be shopping anyway. And then I got a text from my friend Barb, offering to gift me with a Plucky Feet Color Obsessions kit that she wasn’t knitting. WHAT. Seriously generous, right? Love you, Barb!! 

And! Her kit was: grey, golden, and red! It was put together as a Plucky kit (“Mid-Century”) and was super-pretty. I subbed out the red for some deep purple I snagged in a destash and BOOM, ready to knit.

The clue was released last Friday night and I got to knitting last Saturday. (Clue one is below – don’t scroll if you don’t want to be spoiled).

in progress :: TTL Mystery Shawl KAL 2013

Pretty, right?

Plucky Feet in “Flannel,” “Princess Phone,” and “Dancing Queen.”

I can’t wait for the next clue!!


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