knitted :: Chevron Mittens

knitted :: Chevron Mittens, originally uploaded by earthchick.

Can I tell you how much I love these?

A lot. A LOT. I LOVE THEM A LOT. I love them so much I can’t even say how much I love them. But it’s a lot. More than a lot, actually.

Seriously, I adore them.

The stupid thing is, I started them three years ago. Julia Vesper of Knitterly Things had published her Chevron Love Mittens pattern in the spring of 2009, and then she began putting together mitten kits. I fell in love with her “Tiny Dancer” kit – not only because of the slammin’ colors but because “Tiny Dancer” has been the blog name for one of my sons since he was a toddler. I snagged a kit, cast on in January 2010, and knit to the start of the thumb before getting distracted by something else (as is my habit – it does not remotely reflect on the quality of the pattern or my love for it).

in progress: Chevron Mittens
No idea what was going on with my Latvian braid in this first mitten (my first Latvian braid ever), but suffice it to say I have learned a lot since then.

The sweet mitten languished for all these years until, at the beginning of the year, I was seized with a desire to finish them. I packed them up to take with me on a trip, and I finally got started on them again in late January. By the end of the month, they were done!

knitted :: Chevron Mittens
That’s right, I let them sit around for 3 years, but in the end they took maybe two weeks to actually make (and those were 2 weeks that also included a whole lot of spinning and not a ton of knitting).

I love everything about these mittens. The fit is perfect – cozy without being too tight. A much better fit than my regular handknit mittens which are far too loose. The colorwork means that there is extra thickness on the inside to keep my hands toasty. Best of all, the colors are just so bright and cheerful! They make me happy every time I put them on.
knitted :: Chevron Mittens
Love the shot of bright against my dark grey coat.

I can’t recommend this pattern enough!!
knitted :: Chevron Mittens
(Did I mention that I love it?)


2 thoughts on “knitted :: Chevron Mittens

  1. Beautiful mittens! I got to your blog by your link on your rav page. Got to your page because I saw you started the clergy group page over there and wanted you to know a couple folks are trying to help male it a bit more active.

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