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So apparently all it took to push me over the edge from someone who enjoys spinning yarn occasionally to a crazed spinstress who wants to spin all the yarns all the time was the acquisition of a Woolee Winder. My Old Man gave me one for Christmas, and basically I’m in love with it, and with spinning. It’s cutting into my knitting time, which I’ll admit is a bit worrisome. On the other hand, I seem to be making a whole new stash of yarn with which to knit. So there’s that.

Pictured above: (all Hello Yarn) Superwash Merino (“Peat” – March 2009 club); Corriedale (“Dark Waves” – February 2012 club); BFL/Silk (“Slither” – December 2012 club); Portuguese Merino (“Silt” – August 2012 club); Wensleydale (“Smells of the Sea” – September 2011 club); BFL (VanChocStraw – my one and only shop fiber, purchased in December 2007!); Panda (SWM/Bamboo/Nylon – “Villain” – March 2012 club); Targhee (“Sprout” – March 2011 club)

At the start of the year, I joined a Rav group called “13 in 2013” – everyone has the goal of spinning (at least) 13 lbs. of yarn this year. That’s a pretty big goal for me. I think last year I spun 5 yarns of 4 oz. each, so yeah, that was 1.25 pounds for the whole year. I’ve already passed that in the first 7 weeks of this year (and I was out of town without my wheel for 2 of those weeks). I’m starting to think 13 lbs. of yarn might be doable.

Of the 8 yarns above, one of them is already knit up (pics soon), but the rest are likely to sit a bit while I tend to other projects (i.e., continue to spin like a madwoman). I’m thinking cowl for 5 of them and shawl for the other 2.

I’m starting to become a bit more adventurous with my spinning. Two of the yarns above – “Peat” (first one) and “VanChocStraw” (the bright pink one) are two of my oldest fibers and they are ones that I loved so much I was afraid of ruining them. It is super happy-making to have finally gotten them on the wheel. I’ve also at last faced my fear of chain-plying (also known as Navajo plying), which is what I did with yarns 7 and 8. And I’m exploring some “extreme plying” with the Hello Yarn/Spunky Eclectic/Southern Cross Fibre Spin-Along (main rule: yarn has to be at least 4 plies). That hot pink yarn is my first cabled yarn – I plied two 2-plies together (resulting in a 4-ply). The light green yarn is also a cabled yarn – I chain-plied 2-ply yarn (resulting in a 6-ply).

I prefer to devote entire blog posts to a single fiber-to-yarn pursuit, but I’ve been spinning much faster than I can blog lately, and I decided to just clear the deck. Maybe when I show you the knitted objects I use this yarn for, I’ll say a little more about the actual spinning.

In the meantime, my spinning madness is, of course, raveled

6 thoughts on “spin, spin, spun :: Hello Yarn, all the time

  1. I know what you mean about getting obsessed with spinning. It’s just happened to me the past month too. It never occurred to me to try chain plying already plied yarn, though. Your post has encouraged me to also push past my fear of chain plying to try it. Maybe this weekend! Thanks!

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