knitted, sold, bought, gifted :: Irving (Cowl)

knitted :: Irving Cowl, originally uploaded by earthchick.

Recently, my gal Heather turned me on to the Irving Hat pattern, which is to say, she mentioned it and I got obsessed. So when I needed a quick knit for the school craft/bake sale, I knew I wanted to bang out this hat, and I had the perfect yarn – Plucky Rustic in “Chino,” left over from my Zelkova cardigan. LOVE that yarn.

Only it turned out I didn’t actually have enough. I knit as fast I could, but I couldn’t outknit the skein. So, I converted it into a cowl.
knitted :: Irving Cowl

I was pretty happy with how it turned out. The Plucky Rustic is such a delightfully crunchy yarn – soft and crisp, in the gorgeous layered color you would expect from The Plucky Knitter.

I got the cowl finished in plenty of time, and dropped it off for the sale when I dropped my kids off at school. Within 10 minutes of dropping it off, I realized I didn’t yet have a teacher gift for the boys’ piano teacher; their lesson was that afternoon. I briefly wondered if I could find something at the craft sale for her. Then I realized what would be the perfect thing – a cute chunky lace cowl! Bah!

I thought about it all day. When I went to pick the boys up from school for their piano lesson, the sale had just started. My cowl was priced for $12 – less than the price of the yarn! So I bought it. $12 for a sweet handknit cowl? That’s a bargain!

knitted :: Irving Cowl

One of these days, I’ll make the actual hat – such a fun, fast pattern. But it’s a great pattern for a cowl, too!


4 thoughts on “knitted, sold, bought, gifted :: Irving (Cowl)

  1. Lovely. I am such a slow knitter…been working on a sweater for a year. And a pair of socks almost as long. Of course there a many days/weeks/months when they just sit in the basket untouched, as if they could knit themselves. I think I need to come over to Ann Arbor and go yarn shopping with you – that might inspire me to get going again…(although I have done some knitting while on this staycation)…

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