Advent Days 17-24 :: the final week

It never fails that the last several days of Advent end up being a blur of activity for me. It’s one of the busiest work weeks of the year, in addition to having all the other busyness that comes with getting ready for Christmas.

So I didn’t manage to blog my daily Advent activities, but I did somehow manage to actually do them. Yay for that!

So on Monday, Advent Day 17, we made marshmallows. This is always a favorite Advent activity, for all three of us. I use the Smitten Kitchen recipe, and it’s a winner, every time.

On Tuesday, Advent Day 18, our activity was to play a board game or card game. This precipitated a major stand-off between the tow boys, each of whom had a different idea about what we were going to play. Neither would compromise, and I thought we would end up not playing at all. In the end, though, each boy played chess on the computer with one of us. It was a lot of fun, but I didn’t manage to get a picture.

Advent Day 19 :: Sort food for Christmas distribution, walk around town to look at city lights

On Wednesday, Advent Day 19, our activity was to go to church to help sort food from a Christmas food drive our church did (we ended up with a whole vanload of food to take to a local housing project we have a relationship with). After sorting food, the four of us went to dinner downtown and then walked around a bit looking at the city lights.

Advent Day 20 :: Buy a treat at the school bake sale

Thursday, Advent Day 20 – Buy a treat at the school bake sale. Caramels, fudge, and truffles, to be exact.

Advent Day 21 substitution :: Decorate the windows with Christmas gel clings

On Friday, Advent Day 21, our activity was supposed to be to make candy. The first day of winter had other plans, though. Snow, wind, and, ultimately, a power outage that lasted all day. No baking happened. I promised the boys we would do it the next day (along with the Advent activity for that day). Tiny Dancer was fine with that, but Little Buddha burst into tears. He loves ritual, routines, and traditions, and the idea of missing an Advent activity was just more than he could bear. Fortunately, I remembered these Christmas gel clings I had bought as a back-up. Though a tiny activity, it was enough to set things right.

Advent Day 22 :: Open a Christmas present
Advent Day 22 – Open a Christmas present. I like to start letting the boys open a present or two before Christmas, so they have time to enjoy things instead of being overwhelmed on Christmas Day. Little Buddha was super-excited to open this Magic Science kit from his big sister and her family. He spent the whole day wearing this hat, using his magic wand (filled with purple crystals he made), and mixing potions. The present was obviously a big hit!

Advent Day 21 make-up :: Help mom make candy
This was the make-up activity that had been planned for Advent Day 21 :: Help mom make candy. We made Peppermint Bark – easy to make, delicious to eat, fun to give.

Advent Day 23 :: Eat a piece of candy with breakfast
Sunday, Advent Day 23 – Eat a piece of candy with breakfast. My Old Man isn’t convinced of the value of eating chocolate with breakfast, but this activity it always a huge hit. The boys love it, of course, and I appreciate it was a no-stress activity once the season gets crazy.

Our Advent activity for Day 24, Christmas Eve, was to make cookies for Santa. We made them, and Santa loved them, and I got no pictures.

Phew! This season flew even faster than usual, it seemed. I was grateful for the Advent activity calendar as a way of marking the time, giving my kids a little bit of extra special focus each day, no matter how busy the season was. Sometimes it feels like a lot of work, but I know they love it, and that makes it worth it.

Thanks for following along! More knitting content coming soon!

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