knitted :: for a friend (more handspun Mukluks!)

knitted :: Handspun Mukluks, originally uploaded by earthchick.

I’m not sure what there is to say about these that I haven’t already said. They’re fast! They’re fun! They’re cozy!

knitted :: Handspun Mukluks
They’re such a great use of handspun. I find that my own pair of Mukluks get a lot of action, so it’s great to get to look down and see handspun on my feet so often.

These are made from delicious Southern Cross Fibre.
for Rav: Southern Cross Fibre, Polwarth
4 oz. Polwarth in “Claudia”

spun :: Southern Cross Fibre
Spun up into 180 yards very lofty bulky 2-ply (actually this is 3.5 oz or so – I still haven’t plied that last half ounce). The slippers didn’t even use all of this – maybe 150 yards? Maybe less.

knitted :: Handspun Mukluks
This pair was for a friend.

As much as I love this pattern, I think after four pairs I’m done with it for awhile (I never made a pair for My Old Man, but he is not a slippers kind of guy). I’m sure I will come back to the pattern again some time, though. As I’ve said before, I’ve knit a lot of slippers and this is the easiest and fastest pattern I’ve done so far.



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