Advent Day 8 :: Write letters to Santa…

… be sure to include at least one thing that isn’t about asking for gifts.

They did me one better – they didn’t list things they wanted at all. Tiny Dancer has an Amazon wish list that is over 400 items long, so I’m pretty sure Santa can find something anyway. And Little Buddha had already made a partial list and put it on the refrigerator. So I think we’re covered on the gift front.

Little Buddha wrote this letter:
Dear, Santa
I’ve been good this year. What is a reindeer’s favorite food. Be shure to give me extra presents. This time eat “all” of your cookies.

And Tiny Dancer chose to make a comic instead of write a letter (they both love to make comic strips and comic books).
Christmas Comic
I was asleep in a cozy bed
but then I heard a bump on the head.
What could it be
it wasn’t a lousy flea
Then I went down to the Christmas tree
to see what the rumpus could be
Then I saw Santa in the chimney.
He looked like he lost a kidney
Mr. Claus, come sit down.
Could you turn that frown upside down?

They hadn’t been happy to pull this activity out of the calendar – they thought it was too much “work” for a Saturday. But I’m so happy they did it.

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