Advent, Day 3 :: Get a Christmas tree

I never had a live Christmas tree until we moved to Michigan. I love the tradition of going to pick out our tree each year. For those of you who get real trees, what kind do you like to get? We usually get a Fraser, and that’s what we ended up with again this year, though I was mighty tempted by an absolutely gorgeous Noble pine on the lot. But it cost almost 50% more than the Fraser for the same size, and I just couldn’t justify it. Then I was rereading an old blog post last night, and discovered that 2 years ago, we did get a Noble, and I regretted it a little, because, while beautiful, it was actually a bit dense for decorating well. So score one for blabbing all my details on my blog, because I wouldn’t have remembered that otherwise.

After we picked out our tree, we went back across the street to get another piece of Chocolate Mountain Cake.

One thought on “Advent, Day 3 :: Get a Christmas tree

  1. I’m late but my family always got Fraser firs; this year we got a balsam fir because the guy said it is more fragrant. (i can’t really tell the difference though, to be honest. The branches etc seem “normal” to me.)

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