So this happened today

Little Buddha, spinning

My guys have decided they want to learn to spin. My wheel is rarely available (I usually have some precious fiber on it), but I’m between projects right now and put some fiber on for them to play with it. Little Buddha has gotten very serious about it and really wants to learn. For now, I’m giving him only a little instruction, and mostly just letting him play around with the wheel and the fiber, fixing problems as they occur. He’s having a good time.

He did, however, cut a little chunk out of his hair, with the idea that he would spin it. That part wasn’t as heart-warming, but I have to admit – what spinner hasn’t looked at every possible source of fiber in the house and wondered how it would spin? (he was also eyeing the cat with spinning intentions)

Little Buddha, weaving
After a good bit of spinning, he then found his old potholder loom (an Advent activity from two years ago), with a partial project still on it. He picked it up and got to weaving. He has plans to to weave a few squares to sew together for a sleeping bag for his favorite stuffed animal.

So basically, my heart went all ‘splodey today.