unweaving :: soul-sucking (handspun scarf)

unweaving :: soul-sucking, originally uploaded by earthchick.

Oh, it hurts, people. I’ve been trying to unweave this so I could re-do the warp, which I had done poorly and unevenly. I finally got the weft all unwoven, and when I got to the end/beginning, where I’d tied the warp onto the back beam, I discovered an unholy mess. What happened here? I don’t know, but it nearly defeated me. I spent an hour or so dealing with it, and I *think* I got it all sorted out. I wouldn’t have done it if it weren’t handspun, in a colorway I adore. I still have hopes that I can weave a reasonably good-looking scarf out of this mess….

3 thoughts on “unweaving :: soul-sucking (handspun scarf)

  1. Oh! I may have just made a loud, involuntary gasp and clapped my hands over my mouth at that picture. Now people at work are looking at me funny. I hope you get it all sorted out!

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