knitted :: more slippers! {handspun children’s mukluks)

I just can’t seem to stop with this pattern. It’s so quick and gratifying.
Early last year, Tiny Dancer saw me spinning the first batch of this Hello Yarn fiber early and immediately asked if I would make him something out of it sometime – he loves blue and purple – so I set aside the second 4 oz. bump for another time. And that time was now!

on the wheel :: Hello Yarn Shetland

Hello Yarn Shetland, “Minerals”

spun up:

spun :: Hello Yarn Shetland

2-ply worsted (the pattern calls for bulky but I made do)

I paired it with a wee bit of Southern Cross Fiber Polwarth in “Deep Blue Sea,” a colorway I adore and wish I had more of (once upon a time I did, but I destashed it). I had plenty of the Shetland and could have made the whole slipper out of it, but I thought the combo would be cute.

knitted :: handspun children's mukluks

And it is, right? Tiny Dancer is thrilled with them.

I’ve got more Polwarth fresh off the wheel for another cozy pair, for a friend. I might give the pattern a rest for a bit after that. Or I might not. Who knows!


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