revisited :: Staccato Hoodie

for Rav: WIP, Staccato Hoodie, originally uploaded by earthchick.

So I’m going through my stash, trying to work myself up to an epic destash, only I keep finding things that make me feel sad, guilty, and/or nostalgic.

This is Staccato , a Through the Loops design (I know you’re not surprised), down-sized for a 5 year-old. Only I never finished it, and now my kiddos are 8. How did that happen?

I LOVE the pattern and was enjoying the yummy yarn I chose (Stonehedge Shepherd’s Mill, mostly), but that sherbet orange was making me nutty. It was not the deep autumnal orange I had in mind, and i should’ve stopped and found a substitute right away. But I proceeded, got more than halfway done, and then set it aside for other pursuits (an Owls pullover, a pair of socks, and so on). I somehow managed never to pick it back up.

Now I’m kicking myself for letting it languish so long. Part of the reason was that orange, I’m sure, and part of it was that I was downsizing the pattern and hadn’t kept any notes, so I always felt a little daunted trying to get my brain back in gear (which honestly wouldn’t have been that hard if I’d just sat down for 5 minutes with a calculator). And part of it was seeing all those ends that needed weaving in:
for Rav: WIP, Staccato Hoodie

But the main thing was the orange, I think.

Anyway, now it’s too small for them, and I’m totally bummed.

I do love the pattern and have plans for making one for my kiddos somewhere down the line – only in colors I LOVE.


3 thoughts on “revisited :: Staccato Hoodie

  1. what you need is motivation, like having a knitting buddy with a small kiddo who will take it off your hands on some terms like: you finish the knitting, I’ll weave in the ends and do the finishing work, and between us we can finish it in the next 2 years so a different boy can enjoy it.

    I think it’s AWESOME. What do you think?

    (though on second thought those are an awful lot of ends. but tempting!)


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