knitted :: handspun Cladonia

knitted :: handspun Cladonia, originally uploaded by earthchick.

I am in MAD LOVE with this one, y’all.

I spun the yarn for this in July, as part of my meager Tour de Fleece efforts. 4 oz. of Hello Yarn Romney in “Timber” (September 2010 Fiber Club)
fiber :: Hello Yarn Romney

I spun it up into 594 yards of light fingering singles:
spun :: Hello Yarn Romney

Oh, I LOVE spinning Romney as singles.

Anyway, I knew I wanted this to be a shawl, specifically I wanted it to become Cladonia , another gorgeous Through the Loops pattern from Kirsten Kapur.

I cast on at the end of July, and knit the striped section (striping it with itself) during August, but then set it aside for other pursuits (namely another Through the Loops pattern – the Perry Street Rugby , which I ADORE and get compliments on everytime I wear it). Anyway, I didn’t get back to the shawl until sometime in October, and it was such a delight to knit that beautiful lace border in that autumn gold.

knitted :: handspun Cladonia

Basically, I could not be more happy with this shawl. I LOVE it.

knitted :: handspun Cladonia
The colors absolutely SLAY me.

knitted :: handspun Cladonia
Perfect for fall, right?

knitted :: handspun Cladonia
The pattern is, of course, a total winner, as all Through the Loops patterns are. The picot loops for the bind-off are a bit fiddly, but I love them.

knitted :: handspun Cladonia
Just hanging in the backyard, with a creepy broken little boy statue, wearing a handspun shawl. As one does.

knitted :: handspun Cladonia
I did go a little picture-crazy with this one. But you can hardly blame me, right?

I do sometimes wonder what the neighbors think of my backyard shenanigans (on our corner lot, our backyard is visible to all). But I don’t care – it’s a handspun shawl, y’all, I’m willing to go to ridiculous lengths to celebrate my love of it.

knitted :: handspun Cladonia
GAH! I love it so much. And lucky me, I still have nearly 200 yards of the yarn left for other happy pursuits.

knitted :: handspun Cladonia

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