knitted :: again with the mittens! (Smitten, a Holiday Garland)

knitted :: Smitten, originally uploaded by earthchick.

Oh, January! I had such great plans in January! For one, I was going to make 24 handspun little mittens for an Advent calendar. The pattern is the sweet, free Smitten .

I made a couple of these back in January, thinking I would make 2 or 3 each month. Great plan, right? Instead, I have made a total of 2 (the 2nd one my gauge was bigger and the mitten ended up bigger than I wanted, so I really only have the one).

And it’s cute, but I wasn’t sure I had enough handspun leftovers (in similar gauges) to make a whole set for an Advent calendar. But now that December is almost here, I’m getting the bug to whip up 24 of these, though not in handspun (I’m imagining just straight solids – white, green, red). With 18 days till December, I would need to crank out 1 1/3 a day. Hmmmm……

2 thoughts on “knitted :: again with the mittens! (Smitten, a Holiday Garland)

  1. I love ours! I made it last year and when I realized I only had to have one for our daughter to check each day and could still work on the rest it was easy!

  2. Oh crud. I wanted to do this, but forgot it needs to be done by December 1. I kept thinking December 25th. Anyway, my kids loved the “activity” advent calendar last year and I will do it again this year. Maybe next year, I will get to the mittens.

    Good luck – i think you can do it!

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