knitted :: my new favorite cardi (Zelkova)

knitted :: Zelkova, originally uploaded by earthchick.

I knit this in May, put the buttons on in October, and am basically going to wear it from now until it’s totally worn out.

This pattern is basically everything I love about Through the Loops patterns.

knitted :: Zelkova

Written with perfect, clear instructions, it hits the sweet spot of enough detail to keep the knitting interesting but straightforward enough to make for relaxing TV knitting. And of course as is standard with TTL patterns, the outcome is gorgeous. Love the lace detailing, the waist shaping, the 3/4-length sleeves. And it turns out I totally love a circular yoke sweater! Who knew?
knitted :: Zelkova

You can see the sweet yoke shaping there around my shoulder. Turns out I typically make either raglan sweaters or ones with set-in sleeves. I’ve shied away from circular yokes because of a yoked sweater I bought in Bolivia half my life ago that I have since decided looks frumpy on me. I let that prejudice me against the structure in general. But no more! I’m converted.

knitted :: Zelkova

I knit this in Plucky Rustic, “Chinos,” from The Plucky Knitter, and y’all, I LOVE this yarn. It is so crisp and yummy, and the color is just divine. I adore neutrals, and Sarah knows how to make them look just spectacular. I’m feeling pretty happy of myself for coming up with a TTL+TPK mash-up! (The sweater only took 740ish yards of the Rustic!)

I got the buttons at Joann’s, believe it or not, and after weeks of ridiculous indecision about which buttons to use, I kind of can’t believe there was ever any question in my mind. The green ones are perfect.

I also love that this sweater looks totally sweet and feminine on its own with just a cami underneath it, but also can be sharp and professional with a collared shirt for work.

knitted :: Zelkova

In sum, I adore this sweater. Thanks, Kirsten, for YET ANOTHER slammin’ pattern.


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