knitted :: handspun Child’s Mukluks

So after I made myself a pair of handspun Mukluks last month, my kiddos decided they each needed a pair as well.

I dug out this handspun from my 2010 Tour de Fleece:
tdf10hy :: day 14
Hello Yarn Polwarth in “Cauldron”
I spun up a pound-and-a-half of it back in July 2010, for a pullover, and I ended up using less than a pound of it for that. From the leftovers I made two cowls that fall (one of which I now see I never documented), and still I had oodles of yarn.

So I made Little Buddha these Mukluks.
knitted :: handspun Child's Mukluks

Cute, huh?

Lime green is his current favorite color, so this yarn seemed a perfect choice for him. The bottoms are a mix of purples and orange, but the tops are mostly green. Fun!

knitted :: handspun Child's Mukluks

I really love this pattern. Mukluks are totally addictive. This pair is the Child’s Large (gah! his feet are almost as big as mine! soon he’ll need an Adult Small!)

knitted :: handspun Child's Mukluks

He loves them, which makes me super-happy. Now I’m spinning up some yarn for a pair for Tiny Dancer, and then a pair for a friend, and then I might be done with Mukluks for a little while. Maybe.


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