knitted :: Romney Mitts (handspun Camp Out Fingerless Mitts)

knitted :: Romney Mitts, originally uploaded by earthchick.

I know that the main Romney in the news lately is the one running for president, but the truth is there is another very important Romney that deserves our attention. Romney is a breed of sheep! And it is very fun to spin!

It’s a long wool, which some people don’t care for, but I love. I feel like it sort of spins itself, actually. I made my recent Mukluk Slippers out of some 2-ply Romney I’d spun. The fiber started as this:
Hello Yarn Romney
GAH! Isn’t that gorgeous?! It’s 4 oz. Hello Yarn Romney in “Splendid,” the April 2012 Fiber Club.

I spun it up as a 2-ply:
Hello Yarn Romney
And wound up with 222 yards of Aran-weight happiness.

I used roughly 166 yards of that for my slippers, leaving me with about 56 yards for something else. This pattern for Camp Out Fingerless Mitts seemed to be just the thing.
knitted :: Romney Mitts
And wow! They were done in a flash. I had to supplement just a wee bit with some leftover Pigeonroof BFL, and I still didn’t have quite enough yarn to make them as long as I wouldv’e liked. But I’m still pretty happy with them.

knitted :: Romney Mitts
And the colors just slay me. I especially love the shot of light blue amidst all the autumnal goodness of the rest of the yarn.

So yeah. I made some Romney Mitts. It’s not a partisan statement! Except to say that Romney wool really is fabulous, and this mitt pattern is too.
knitted :: Romney Mitts


7 thoughts on “knitted :: Romney Mitts (handspun Camp Out Fingerless Mitts)

  1. Love the look of this. I am on my third knitting project EVAH. I think Jesus will return before I finish it. But you never know…

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