knitted :: ready for blocking (Handspun Cladonia)

Handspun Cladonia, pre-blocking, originally uploaded by earthchick.

Just a little glimpse of my latest handspun shawl, pre-blocking. This is Cladonia , yet another Through the Loops pattern!

Originally I was going to stripe my handspun Hello Yarn Romney “Timber” singles with my handspun Spunky Eclectic Romney “Sumac” singles.

spun :: Hello Yarn Romney
But in the end I decided that there was enough golden within the “Timber” itself to just stripe it all from the one yarn. So I have all of my “Sumac” (gorgeous yellow!) left over and actually a good bit of the “Timber,” with many visions of more handspun goodness dancing in my head.

Can’t wait to get this blocked and shown to you!


One thought on “knitted :: ready for blocking (Handspun Cladonia)

  1. I’ve got my wheel, and I’ve been doing a lot of spinning on my own, but I can’t wait to go to some spin ins so I can sit down and learn how everyone else does this. My yarn, like my knitting, is so tight. I want to loosen up, but when I try the yarn doesn’t stay together. This is beautiful.

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