worn :: double-knit, double-love

Handknit handspun socks+slippers, originally uploaded by earthchick.

It’s November, which means it’s National Blog Posting Month, and, well, here I go.

These are the handspun Mukluks I finished and showed you recently, and I have totally loved wearing them. They were easy to pack for my recent travels, and I loved having a yummy little piece of comfort while I was away from home.

Today I was doing some academic writing, which made me crave an extra bit of cozy, so I decided to dig out a pair of handknit socks – first time this season. Gotta say, it’s hard to beat the simple pleasure of a double layer of handspun handknits. (Mukluks: Hello Yarn Romney, “Splendid,” Kneesocks: Hello Yarn Superwash Merino, “Curiosities,” and FLUFF Superwash Merino, “Argyle”)

This blog has been a simple pleasure for me, too, and I’m looking forward to hanging out here more this month!

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