knitted :: handspun Mukluk Slippers

It’s not that I needed slippers – I have a pair of shearling slippers I got from Rhinebeck two years ago that I adore. But the heart wants what the heart wants, and my heart wanted a pair of these sweet handspun Mukluk Slippers, ever since I saw Melsey’s pair . Basically, I shamelessly copied her.

My slippers turned out more muted than hers – I had more barberpoling in my yarn – but I absolutely love them and think they are perfect for fall. Here was the original fiber:

Hello Yarn Romney

4 oz. of Hello Yarn glorious Romney, in “Splendid” (April 2012 Fiber Club)

I spun it up as 222 yards of Aran weight 2-ply:

Hello Yarn Romney

I’ll be honest. I’m pretty much in love with this yarn.

knitted :: handspun Mukluk Slippers

I also love the slippers. These are so toasty and cozy, and they’ll be perfect for packing in my suitcase for my fall and winter travels.

knitted :: handspun Mukluk Slippers

They were a super-quick knit, too – they took less than a weekend to make. I’ve made a lot of slippers in my day, and these were by far the simplest, fastest, and most straightforward to make. I used 160 yards for the size small. I now have plans of spinning and knitting some for the kiddos.

knitted :: handspun Mukluk Slippers

Here they are in their natural habitat – being stalked by a cat.

knitted :: handspun Mukluk Slippers

That look says, “quit standing around taking pictures and knit me a cat sweater .”



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