Revisited: how to have a happy celebration (lessons learned at the beach)

We are at the beach this week, and the days correspond exactly with how the dates of our first family visit to Santa Rosa Beach five years ago (which is to say, that year, the 4th of July also fell on a Wednesday). Because that week ended up being quite a momentous one for us, I have felt a lot of nostalgia and tenderness this week, especially now that our boys seem like full-on long-legged big kids these days.

So with a bit of wistfulness, I’ve been remembering this old blog post, from our first 4th of July here, and decided I would like to reshare it.

Here’s what I wrote five years ago, about how to have a happy celebration:

1. Be prepared.

2. Try new things.
Hold hands if necessary.

3. Start the festivities with a nap.
Preferably with other people.

4. Add some sparkle.

5. Write your name in lights.

6. Look super-cute.
Matchiness optional.

7. Get a little nutty.

8. Sleep like you’ve earned it.
You have.

Hope you had a happy 4th, however you celebrated!

One thought on “Revisited: how to have a happy celebration (lessons learned at the beach)

  1. I love how they are holding hands in the last picture. Very cute. And so happy to know that they beach days can continue without tragedy.

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