sewn :: summer skirts (Simplicity 4138)

sewn :: summer skirts, originally uploaded by earthchick.

So it turns out I still have some unblogged projects. Like, from almost a year ago. But ’tis the season for summer sewing, so I thought I’d show you these today.

sewn :: summer skirts
I am never not impressed with the simplicity of making this skirt. I made two of these in 2009 and have ended up getting so much wear out of them that I decided to bang out a few more on vacation last summer (that’s right, I take my sewing machine with me on vacay – that’s how I roll, people!).

Seriously, this skirt is the easiest of all the skirts I’ve made. It’s an elastic-waist 6-gore skirt. Fast, easy, and super-comfy. I always make View F, but all the options look cute.

sewn :: summer skirts
Last summer, I declared this to be my vacation uniform. We went to Disney for 4 days and to Harry Potter world for one, and I wore a skirt every single day. I already had 2 skirts from this pattern, and I made 3 more for the trip, paired them all with tanks or tees, and I was done!

sewn :: summer skirts
I fell in love with this fun skulls+hearts print. It’s still View F, but I made it somewhat shorter than the others, hoping to catch Johnny Depp’s eye, in case he was on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

He wasn’t.

sewn :: summer skirts
By the end of our trip, I was wearing the skirts with running shoes because my sandals were giving me blisters, despite all the breaking in of them I’d done. I decided it wasn’t too terrible a look. Please don’t tell me otherwise!

sewn :: summer skirts
Also, because I’m a nut, I made a skirt out of fabric that looked like Minnie Mouse’s dress. I actually saw several women wearing Minnie Mouse-esque clothes, so I was in good company.

sewn :: summer skirts
My gal Minnie was pretty happy to see me.

I haven’t sewn anything since these skirts, sadly enough. But! I have brought my sewing machine on my travels again this summer, and you never know what might happen. Stay tuned! (And, I brought 4 of the 5 skirts on my travels with me, and they are keeping me cool in the 3-digit temps).

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