2011 in knits

2011 :: Finished Knits, originally uploaded by earthchick.

It’s high time for me to take a quick look back at 2011 in knits before moving forward to 2012 (I’ve moved forward knitwise, of course, just not blogwise).

A nice, even 20 finished knits. Not as much as most years, thanks to a major new job responsibility and the start of my doctoral program, but I still feel good about what I accomplished.

cowls: 2
hats: 6 (1 baby)
socks: 2
mitts : 2
sweaters: 7 (3 baby, 4 adult – including 1 vest and 1 dress)
booties: 1

8 projects made with my own handspun
4 projects of my own design (3 of which I published)

I’m not sure if I could pick one favorite project from this year. My Allegheny Dress is definitely way up there. In terms of how much I wear my knits, my Mulled Cider sweater is in fairly heavy rotation and my Eternity Cowl sees a lot of action. But my handpun knee-high socks get worn, well, A LOT. As in, if I’m at home and it’s cold, I probably have them on. I should maybe think about knitting another pair.

In terms of relief value, I’m probably most happy to have My Old Man’s handspun Anniversavest off the needles. It has inspired me to take a hard look at other long languishing projects and either knit or get off the pot. Heh.

Goals for 2012 include more knitting for my fellas and a little more designing/publishing. I’m also trying to deal with my overwhelming stash by mindfully culling what I don’t love and knitting what I do. I joined the Stashdown group on Ravelry and am trying to work on a balance between yardage in and yardage out.

All right, so that was 2011 in knits. I am looking forward to seeing what 2012 will bring. By the way, I just realized that my 6th blogiversary passed this month. Thanks for reading, y’all. Knit on!

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