designed :: Shameless (Fingerless Mitts and Slouch Hat)

designed :: Shameless Mitts, originally uploaded by earthchick.

So I designed something, y’all! Actually two somethings!

Last fall, every Sunday night after watching Dexter on Showtime, I kept seeing those promos for the new series Shameless. I became utterly obsessed with a pair of fingerless mitts worn by Emmy Rossum as Fiona Gallagher. I watched and rewatched the promo countless times online (and later did the same thing with a few portions of the first episode on DVR) in order to get a better look at those mitts. I was totally smitten with them.

They were slouchy, grey, cabled, and textured. I loved how the seed stitch wrapped around the outside of the hand.
designed :: Shameless Mitts

I loved how they were super-long, so that, though they were fingerless, they could easily cover the fingers if needed.
designed :: Shameless Mitts

And I knew the perfect yarn for them: Stonehedge Shepherd’s Wool (a Michigan yarn!) in Pewter, which my lovely local yarn shop (Knit A Round) carries in abundance. I pretty much straight-up copied the ones from the show, as best I could.
designed :: Shameless Mitts

But I included options in the pattern, for making them shorter and ending with ribbing instead. I realize that the long, slouchy look is not the usual preference for fingerless mitts. Check out the gorgeous shorter ones that Kirsten and Carrie made. I love them! They both used Shepherd’s Wool, too. Don’t their mitts looks so yummy?

Elinor mentored me through the whole process of designing these, including making the charts for the pattern ( Kirsten helped with that, too – thank you, Kirsten!). There’s no way I could’ve done it without their help.

Elinor suggested that I make the pattern into a set. So I set out to design a hat to match the mitts. Emmy Rossum doesn’t wear anything like this in the show, but don’t you think she should?

designed :: Shameless Slouch
It’s also made with Shepherd’s Wool and it has become my go-to hat this season. It has the same offset cable as the mitt, along with those nubby seed stitch panels (love me some seed stitch!). And it’s slouchy without being ridiculous:
designed :: Shameless Slouch

I always wear slouchy hats down close to my brow, but this hat looks good in the more common style of wearing it back on the head. I just can’t pull that off, but the lovely Evalyn can:
designed :: Shameless Slouch

The cables come together at the back of the slouch for a fun look:
designed :: Shameless Slouch

There’s no way I could’ve brought these patterns out of my head and into life without Elinor mentoring me just about every step of the way. Thanks, Elinor, for the encouragement, advice, and support. You rock!

I’m also grateful to the amazing and multi-talented Stacie Dolin for her detailed tech editing! And to the inimitable Heather for test knitting, encouragement, and comic relief.

The patterns are available for sale through Ravelry as a collection or individually. You can purchase the pattern for the mitts here and for the hat here .

This set is near and dear to my heart, and I hope you love it, too! It’s not too late to bang out a hat or a pair of mitts (or both!) for a holiday present for someone special – or for yourself!


10 thoughts on “designed :: Shameless (Fingerless Mitts and Slouch Hat)

  1. Lovely! And, being married to a Michigan-der means I have a bunch of Sheperd’s wool in my stash! This may be my “riding in the car to NH for Christmas” project! Great design!

  2. I am so in awe of you! I definitely need to figure out how to prioritize my time so that I can knit more…if you are a minister and you can do it, I can figure it out, too! I will definitely be buying the pattern for the mitts; they’re gorgeous! 🙂

  3. Stacy,

    I purchased your Shameless patterns and cast on to start the mitts. I ran into trouble almost immediately. I’m a relatively new knitter, so please excuse me if I am missing something obvious.

    I cast on for the largest size (58 stitches) and knit the first row in plain knitting. Then started the 2×2 rib. However, at 58 stitches, I had an uneven rib. I counted my stitches (thinking I was incapable of counting — which happens sometimes, depending on the day). 58. Rather than counting again, I whipped out the calculator, since math in my head can sometimes be dicey, depending on the day). 58/4 = 14.5. It would be impossible to get a 2×2 rib on this, isn’t that right? I checked the other sizes. The small size (46) comes out to 11.5. The only one that comes out even is the medium size (52).

    I thought I would simply adjust my cast on to an even number (these would be for a man, so probably 60), but that would throw the rest of the pattern off. And trust me, I’m not clever enough and my memory isn’t good enough to adjust the pattern all along the way.

    Am I thinking about this in the wrong way?

    Thanks for any help.

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