woven :: for practice (handspun child’s scarf)

I want to weave something special as a Christmas present, but I hadn’t used my loom (a Schacht Cricket) in ages (something like 18 months). So I decided it was time for a little practice, starting with some kid-sized scarves.

This one is my first effort. I wish I’d made it a little narrower and a little longer, but I’m happy enough with it. I had very little of the warp yarn and I used every last inch of it.

I used this for the warp:
for Rav: FLUFF, spun up
my handspun FLUFF South American Fine Wool in “Amandla” – I had about 95 yards leftover from some mittens I made a couple of years ago.

I used this for the weft:
for Rav: Funky Carolina superwash merino
Some of my very early handspun, from Funky Carolina handcarded batts in “Dragon Skin” – I don’t know how much yardage I used, but I still have plenty for another scarf.

weaving :: handspun child's scarf
I love how the colors of the FLUFF are having a party in the fringe.

Other than wishing it were longer and narrower, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. The drape is great, I like the long subtle stripes, and I’m pleased with the improvement in my selvedges. These are by far the best edges I’ve ever had.

Weaving is so much fun, y’all.
weaving :: handspun child's scarf



5 thoughts on “woven :: for practice (handspun child’s scarf)

  1. I love this. A friend of mine (Denise, who was with me at Rhinebeck when I met you!) has a loom that I need to borrow time on. Seems so quick, but the results are amazing! I guess it uses less yardage, too? Because I have a bunch of low-yardage handspun that would be fun t use.

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