stitching :: Deer in the Forest

stitching :: Deer in the Forest, originally uploaded by earthchick.

This cross-stitch pattern has been all over Pinterest this season, just like it was this time last year. I bought it last year when it was on sale for Black Friday (as all her patterns are again this weekend – 20% off!). I worked on it off-and-on it December and January – and then I lost it! I’ve been wondering for months where it was, and have been looking for it a lot lately. I have felt so sad every time I’ve seen it pop up on Pinterest, knowing that I was more than halfway done with mine but might not get to finish it in time to hang for winter.

Then today, when I was looking for something else, lo and behold, there it was! I’m so excited to finish it! I’m very happy that I saved the deer for last – that’s the part I’m most looking forward to doing.

The pattern is from sewingseed on etsy. She has many cute patterns. I have two more of them (including one that I got as a kit), but I had wanted to finish this one first, so I haven’t cracked into those yet.

Cross-stich was actually my first craft. My 6th grade math teacher taught our class how to do it as part of a combined math/social studies project. We each had to pick a country we were interested in, then graph it out on graph paper, and then cross-stitch it. The teacher got hoops for all of us, and we got to pick out what color embroidery thread we wanted to use.

2009.9 - found: first craft

It looks like the dye lots of my thread didn’t match up well, and I also didn’t cross all my x’s in the same direction. I still love it, and I think that teacher was pretty cool for assigning this. The local newspaper thought it was pretty cool too – they actually came to the school and did a story on the project, and my picture was in the paper, stitching (I still have a copy somewhere).

It was another seven years before I took cross-stitch up for real, and until this little deer pattern, I hadn’t done it in more than five years. I’m enjoying dabbling in it again!

One thought on “stitching :: Deer in the Forest

  1. I also used to do cross-stitch before I found knitting. I love that deer pattern and so many other in her store. However, I just am not creative enough to figure out how to display the finished product (no need for more wall pictures around here). IHave fun finishing it up!

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