holiday planning :: trying to manage the chaos

Christmas Planner, originally uploaded by earthchick.

So this picture is from last year, when I put together a Christmas planner from this tutorial , along with the free downloadables. It was kind of bare bones compared to some of the planners I’ve made in the past (like the one from, but I liked that because it gave me flexibility.

I’m not usually a papercrafts kind of girl, but making this was ridiculously fun. It’s not perfect – I had 6×6 scrapbook paper on hand, when I really needed 12×6 (which I now have, thanks to Martha Stewart), but it was a fast, fun, and functional craft.

I made this last Thanksgiving weekend, and it was my first Pinterest-inspired craft. But not my last!

There doesn’t seem to be an updated version of this planner for 2011, so I guess I’ll just wing it (and reuse the downloadables that are not date-dependent), but I’m wondering if any of you have any planner ideas you use or like. I’m overwhelmed with the minutiae of holiday planning already, so I could use all the help I could get.

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