frogged :: Northman Mitten

frogged :: Northman Mitten, originally uploaded by earthchick.

I love this design so much. Colorwork in worsted weight goes so fast, and I like that these mittens look equally good on guys or gals. I was also really smitten with my color scheme – teal Beaverslide with Stonehedge Mill Shepherd’s Wool (yay, Michigan wool) in Pewter for contrast, lined with Blue Sky Alpacas Sportweight (HOLY YUM!) in a kind of avocado. I mean seriously, take a look at that lining:
frogged :: inside of Northman Mitten
And it feels as delicious as it looks.

The problem was this. I am a loose knitter, which means I pretty much always have to go down a couple of needle sizes from what patterns suggest. I was doing these on size 1s, and the gauge looked right. But once I was done with the mitten and started adding the lining, I realized I was way off – too tight! Also, there’s some crazypants gauge changing that went on at the top of the cuff. Also, there was just general wonkiness (though I assume most of that would’ve blocked out).

Anyway, I was not happy with my workmanship on these and put them on hold last March. I had plenty of time to make mittens before mitten weather rolled back around this winter, right? Only now, you guessed it, winter is coming, and I have no mittens to give.

Better get moving!


2 thoughts on “frogged :: Northman Mitten

  1. Oh, that is too bad. Too wonky too block out? Well, I would go with worsted weight again so you can get a pair mittens quickly.

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