planning :: Advent calendar

I had sort of thought I might skip the Advent calendar this year. As some of you know, the last couple of years I have done an activity-based calendar. You can find my previous calendars here: Advent 2009 , Advent 2010 . Anyway, I thought maybe the boys were getting too old to enjoy it. Also, I’ll admit it: it kind of wears me out.

A few weeks ago, Tiny Dancer started talking about how excited he was about our “Event Calendar.” It took me a few minutes to catch on to what he meant. Oh! Advent Calendar! Right! Now every day he gives me more suggestions for events, activities, and surprises we could do for the Advent Calendar. There’s clearly no way I’m getting out of this.

I’m going to try extra hard to plan well this year so that it’s enjoyable for them but manageable for me. This week’s Kids Craft Weekly had some great ideas for activities, including some I haven’t done.

My boys are already counting down the days for Advent. And I couldn’t keep them from going ahead and wearing their new Christmas jammies. Especially once I saw how darn cute they look in them.

Seriously, how is a mama supposed to say no to that?

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