planning :: quilt top (Twitterbee Hugs and Kisses quilt)

Twitterbee :: quilt top, originally uploaded by earthchick.

Now that the weather is turning chilly, my thoughts are turning back to my unfinished Twitterbee quilt top. It’s been awhile since I’ve touched my sewing machine, and it will be awhile before I touch it again, but I’m still in love with this project.

This was one of two virtual quilting bees I participated in starting last year and ending earlier this year. I asked for 16-patch half-square triangle blocks – one depression block (the sort of “O” looking diamond) and one “X”-like block (either a criss-cross block or a ribbon block, whichever each person wanted to make). I love the way they look like Xs and Os together, hence the name Hugs and Kisses.

I took this picture in June, before I got Danielle’s beautiful blocks. So I now have 18 gorgeous blocks. I got my fabric back from two other Twitterbee folks, so I hope to make at least two more blocks myself. Maybe that will be enough? Or maybe I should make seven more, for it to be a 5×5 quilt rather than 5×4 (the blocks are 16″) One of these days I will get to it, and when I finally finish it, I know I’m going to love it! (and, of course, pictures when I do!)

I learned so much from the quilting bees, and I ended up with two sweet looking sets of quilt blocks, neither of which have become quilt tops yet (let alone full-on quilts!). I look forward to putting them together – one of these days!

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