resurrected :: Vestvember 2009

for Rav: the start of Vestvember, originally uploaded by earthchick.

When Cascade Elite Skye Tweed was discontinued, I bought enough in four different colors to make sweaters for each person in my family. I made a Cobblestone Pullover for Tiny Dancer and started a Fishtrap Aran for Little Buddha in this gorgeous orange. It was so pretty!

January Aran, WIP

I was well into the knit when I realized I had miscrossed two cables much earlier.
January Aran, WIP
It sat around for well over a year waiting for me to fix it – and by then it was much too small for anyone in the family.

So I decided to harvest it for a vest for myself. That started out like this:
Vestvember FAIL
Yeah, yeah, I know: take time to save time and check gauge.

For what it’s worth, I was knitting this vest on the same size needles I’d used for the fishtrap aran – I thought I knew my gauge. But apparently not. So I ripped, did a gauge swatch, and started again. I ended up with this:
Vestvember FAIL #2
Yeah. Still way too big.

So I ripped one more time, started over with 36 fewer stitches, and went roaring ahead. It went great, and fast, except I totally failed to do the front armpit decreases, and didn’t notice until I’d attached the front to the back:
Oh yeah, Vestvember.

I must’ve had some sort of mental block with this vest. So I put it away and let it sit in the closet for the past two years. But after the triumph of resurrecting and finishing My Old Man’s Anniversary Vest, I’m ready to tackle this baby. All that’s involved is ripping a little (the top of the front), redoing that part (with armpit decreases this time!), reattaching front to back, and then adding the trim (that’ll be the long part).

It ‘s Vestvember, y’all. I’m finally ready to BRING IT!


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