all my yarns are hers

yarn pillow, originally uploaded by earthchick.

Suki never met a yarn that couldn’t become either a pillow or prey. I prefer it when she uses it as a pillow.

spun :: Hello Yarn Rambouillet
4 oz. Hello Yarn Rambouillet, “Burrows”
232 yards thick-and-thin single-ply
spun up for Aimee/senorayatez for the blog giveaway I did this past summer

4 thoughts on “all my yarns are hers

  1. Awww….what a sweetie! My new kitty, Alice, prefers it as prey. She’s the first cat I’ve had in a long time who even noticed the yarn, so I’ve had to change my habits! In fact, I just posted a picture of a skein that she had stalked for approximately 3 minutes. It survived, but just barely.

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