possibilities :: shaped, steeked, striped vest

I am now obsessed with steeking all the things. I’m dreaming of more handspun stripes, this time for me.

This handspun is some of my very first – 150-ish yard of 2-ply Hello Yarn “Thrive.” It’s been hanging out on a shelf, making me happy for more than 2 years now, and I think it finally wants to become something more. I love the way it looks with the golden yellow Plymouth Tweed I have leftover from my Allegheny dress. I also like it with the orange Skye Tweed leftover from my (unfinished) Vestvember vest from two years ago (which will be finished this month! I think). I tried it out with that oatmeal Skye Tweed as well, and it’s a definite maybe. That sweet pink is some Louet Corriedale that Heather gave me; I’ll be spinning it soon.

So many possibilities for how I stripe this thing, all of them delicious.

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