knitted :: Handspun Norie

knitted :: Handspun Norie, originally uploaded by earthchick.

So a couple of weeks before Rhinebeck, when I was hard at work on both a sweater and a sweater dress (only one of which I finished in time), I realized that, if I didn’t act quickly, I wasn’t going to have anything handspun to wear at Rhinebeck. That had to be rectified, and fast.

I wanted something that would look good with the golden, tweedy dress I was making. I went searching through Rav and fell in love with this ridiculously beautiful handspun Norie.

I took this fiber:
Hello Yarn August '11 Fiber Club
4 oz. Hello Yarn Falklands in “Broken Things”

and spun it into this:
spun :: Hello Yarn August '11 Fiber Club
312 yds. DK 2-ply

Gah! I love Falklands! And I LOVE Adrian’s color sense. I totally love these colors so much. I loved the Norie pattern, too (I made it without the Cat’s Paw lace bits), but I’m a little iffy about the hat itself. Even on my big ol’ noggin, it’s huge and floppy.

From this angle it doesn’t look too bad:
knitted :: Handspun Norie

From this angle you can start to see what I mean:
knitted :: Handspun Norie

But from this angle, whoa! It’s ginormous!
knitted :: Handspun Norie
It’s a whopping 13″ long – I saw some other projects on Rav where the knitters shortened it to 9-10″. I’m planning to do the same, because I just don’t like how flat and floppy it is in the back. I haven’t shortened it yet, but I hope to soon!

It’s a fast, fun pattern, and looks great with handspun.

knitted :: Handspun Norie


5 thoughts on “knitted :: Handspun Norie

  1. Wow! That’s really a perfect pairing of handspun, color, and pattern. Definitely fix it to your liking because that hat deserves to be out in the world where all the other hats can envy its beauty.

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