summer! vacation! jumpity! and a winner!

365.58 outtake, originally uploaded by earthchick.

(This is an old shot from summer vacation in Georgia three years ago. It seemed appropriate to how I feel about summer and about the fact that I am six days away from vacation!). But I know what you’re really here for: who won my little giveaway?

First I just want to say thank you SO much for your wonderful, kind comments, and for passing on the information about sand hole dangers. I love how social media makes such information-sharing so easy, and I appreciate your willingness to pass it on. Thank you!!

Between blog comments, flickr comments, Facebook comments, and the sharing that so many of you did on your own blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, I counted up 306 entries to the little giveaway. The Random Number Generator selected #235, which was a flickr comment from Aimee . Which is actually pretty cool because she is also a curly-haired mom of twin boys, and a knitter, and a yoga practitioner. We live on opposite sides of the country, but we have a lot in common! I first “met” Aimee online right before she gave birth to her beautiful boys (which was shortly before my own sons turned three). Congrats, Aimee. I’ll be in touch!

Thanks again, y’all. And hooray for summer, hooray for family, hooray for safety, and hooray for all of you, friends.

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