knitted :: simple spring pullover (Lime Marmalade Skies)

If i had to name what my personal style is, I don’t know what it would be. But as I get older, I get a clearer and clearer sense of what I like – and of what looks good on me. There are lots of things I like in pictures, but when I deconstruct what I’m seeing (i.e., models that are built like clotheshangers), I can see that certain things won’t flatter my body.

One of my growing edges is to really embrace the notion of working with what I’ve got, not with what I wish I had. This has application *way* beyond style – it’s something I’ve been learning a lot about in my work life and in my personal life in recent years. Living by this principle makes for a happier life and a more productive work. It’s so simple, yet I have to keep relearning it and reminding myself of it.

knitted :: Lime Marmalade Skies

At any rate, when I saw this basic but lovely raglan pullover from Marnie Maclean, I knew I had to make it, and that on unwaif-like me, it would need a little bit of negative ease. For some it might seems a boring knit – just round and round stockinette – but I really enjoyed it. The Blue Sky Alpaca was a dream to work with, and the light bright spring colors cheered me up when our April weather stayed cold and rainy. The stripes and shaping kept me focused on what I was doing. And the hemmed sleeves, waist, and neck gave things a classic, polished look.

I love the drape of the alpaca, and that the pullover is fitted without being overly clingy. I think it’ll look nice over a long-sleeved white button-down collared shirt as well.

Over the five years of knitting sweaters for myself, I’ve learned a lot about what is going to look good on me. There are still times I’m disappointed or that things don’t turn out quite right, but those are getting fewer and farther between. I’m very happy with how this one turned out, and pleased that it looks and fits exactly as I’d envisioned.

knitted :: Lime Marmalade Skies
pattern: Marmalade Skies by Marnie Maclean
yarn: Blue Sky Alpaca Sportweight, 660 yards color 536 (green), 220 yards color 500 (natural)
needles: US 6 circs
dates: April 9 – May 5
mods: none
verdict: Love it.


6 thoughts on “knitted :: simple spring pullover (Lime Marmalade Skies)

  1. Oh, it looks great! I’m all about simple knits at the moment so miles of stockinette sound great to me. I spent all of last week doing miles of ribbing – pretty relaxing I have to say. So glad you are blogging again – I’d have thought the middle of summer with two rambunctious boys would made that impossible.

  2. I totally agree about finding the style that works for you. I knitted pullover sweaters for years before FINALLY realizing that I’m just not a pullover kinda girl, and that in order for me to spend weeks/months knitting a sweater, it must be a cardigan. So bizarre that I spent so long trying to make that style work for me when I could have just given in long ago and realized the futility! Love the sweater, especially the springy green color!

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