knitted :: Handspun Eternity Scarf

I spun this yarn up last spring and it was a bit of a bear.

This was the FLUFF High Variety January 2010 fiber – 4 oz. of 50% Yak/ 50% Merino:
fiber: FLUFF High Society Fiber Club

It was so pretty but I found it to be a bit of a tricky spin. I inch wormed it the whole way, which was slow going. But I liked the result:
spinning :: FLUFF Yak/Merino
222 yds DKish 2-ply
A deep dark dusky purple with flashes of orange and pink throughout. LOVE.

Then it sat around for several months while I decided what to do with it. This fall and winter, I discovered that I’ve swung out of my cowl phase and into a new scarf phase. Which was pretty sad, because I only have one handknit scarf , and while I absolutely adore it, it’s not the warmest coziest thing in the world. I wanted something thick and wooly. Something dark but not boring. So I made this.

knitted :: Handspun Eternity Scarf

pattern: Eternity Scarf by Michele Wang
needles: size 8
dates: February 13-18
mods: made it 2/3 thinner than pattern because I didn’t have enough yarn
verdict: I love it, and I’m going to be frogging it.

It’s just too skinny! It needs to be a fat wide thing, not a long skinny one. So sometime before next scarf season, I’m going to rip it and redo it (probably on size 7s or 6s), making it the full width but roughly 2/3 the length. I will get a lot more wear out of it that way, and I know I’ll love it!


2 thoughts on “knitted :: Handspun Eternity Scarf

  1. The yarn is beautiful. Sucks to have to take an FO apart, but I understand. I would always prefer to have a useful item that I love over a notch in the FO column.

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