knitted :: for fun (Handspun Capucine)

knitted :: Handspun Capucine, originally uploaded by earthchick.

I learned to spin in May 2009, and this was one of my first yarns:
YIP.6.14 - Five Plum Pie
It had all the standard beginner overspun and underspun places, but I was totally in love with it anyway. Those purples and lime greens just killed me. This is 152 yards of bulky 2-ply Falkland (4 oz.).

It sat on my shelf for all this time, waiting to become something. I had long thought it should be a hat or a hood, and last month, while waiting for my Mulled Cider to finish blocking, I finally whipped one up.

knitted :: Handspun Capucine

The pattern is Capucine , a sweet, fast, whimsical little knit. I think I needed a fatter yarn and/or fatter needles to really get the right look, but I was still pleased with how it turned out. Well, except for it looks totally silly on me. I mean, the side tassels get pretty much lost in all that hair.

knitted :: Handspun Capucine

But it’s fun and funky, and I guess I’ll pull it out whenever I need warm ears and handspun happiness.


8 thoughts on “knitted :: for fun (Handspun Capucine)

  1. I think it’s cute and a nice pick me up on a tired day! I don’t think you’ll be able to look at that hat on a grey winter day and not smile. 🙂

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