knitted :: the awesomest, coziest, sweetest jacket (Mulled Cider)

knitted :: Mulled Cider, originally uploaded by earthchick.

When I met Thea at Rhinebeck last October, she was wearing the awesomest tweedy jacket, her own design: Mulled Cider . I couldn’t get over it – the details were so unusual and beautiful. After the weekend was over, I couldn’t get the sweater out of my head. I emailed Thea and begged to be a test knitter.

knitted :: Mulled Cider

It took me longer than it should have to knit it (Christmas knitting interrupted, and then I accidentally knit one of the fronts in the wrong size, etc., etc., you know how it can go). And then it took me even longer to get good shots of it (first there was zero degree weather, then I came down with strep throat). Now the pattern has been out for a month, and here I am finally blogging it.

knitted :: Mulled Cider

I am ridiculously thrilled with this knit. It is so unlike anything I’ve made or anything I own. It is the perfect combination of cozy and stylish. I love it that it’s so warm without being bulky or frumpy. I knit this in (the sadly discontinued) Classic Elite Skye Tweed, which blocked out so beautifully. I bought a pile of this yarn on closeout a few years ago, and this gorgeous grey was originally slated to be a sweater for My Old Man. The fact that I’d stashed it for a man’s sweater meant I had just enough for a long jacket. This took about 11 skeins (about 1200 yards). I loved it in the rustic brown that Thea knit hers in, and I’m crazy for it in this soft grey. Wouldn’t it also be fantastic for spring in a light green or soft yellow?

I’d be hard-pressed to say which of the luscious details I love the most. It might be the back:

knitted :: Mulled Cider

Or maybe it’s the front:

knitted :: Mulled Cider

Or it could be the toggles:

knitted :: Mulled Cider

Then again, the collar is especially slammin’:

Mulled Cider :: collar

But honestly? It’s just the whole package that I love.

knitted :: Mulled Cider

It is the perfect little layer, and I adore it.

knitted :: Mulled Cider


17 thoughts on “knitted :: the awesomest, coziest, sweetest jacket (Mulled Cider)

  1. Love your sweater – she has great patterns. Just wanted to say thanks though for the Awbrey cowl pattern!! This weekend myself, my son’s girlfriend and one of her friends are heading to my daughters to learn how to cable and we are going to be using your cowl pattern. We can’t wait. I have never tried the Russian lace bind-off, so I’m going to give that a try also. Thanks for your inspiration!!

  2. Its stunning. I even have to agree, i really like the vine detail on the back!
    I loved this pattern the minute I saw it too. i actually love it within the grey you picked ā€“ it’s fantastic on you too!

  3. Wow, your mulled cider looks awesome! I’m over big sweaters at the moment… I’m finding quick accessories more my speed at the moment, but this may be in my queue in time for fall. I love the leaf details.

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