sneak peek :: Mulled Cider

sneak peek :: Mulled Cider, originally uploaded by earthchick.

I’m still weaving in a few ends and trying to decide between two different button options, but otherwise I am done with my Mulled Cider and I totally love it. It is cozy and stylish and unusual and just all around fantastic. The details of this design – like this amazing stand-up collar – are charming. I can’t wait to get full shots of it.

But that will have to wait until it’s not zero degrees.


3 thoughts on “sneak peek :: Mulled Cider

  1. You’re in luck! We’ve been blessed with 50 degrees tomorrow….hopefully you won’t be so dumbstruck by that thing in the sky (is that OUR planet’s sun???) & you’ll have time to photograph the jacket. The color looks fabulous.

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