5 years, 400 posts, and a giveaway

for my 5th blogiversary, originally uploaded by earthchick.

Well guess what, y’all? This blog is 5 years old now, and this here is my 400th post. And as a thank you, I have a little giveaway going on.

Blogging has changed a lot, or seems to have, since the advent of flickr, and Facebook, and Twitter, and, of course, for those of us in the craftblog world, Ravelry. And, for many of us, blogging and reading blogs has become a smaller and smaller part of our internet experience. My own consistency with blogging has waxed and waned over the years, and from time to time I have certainly considered dropping the blog altogether.

But I like having my little spot on the web, and as long as I don’t weigh myself down with expectations about how consistent I will be or how great each post will be, I still find it fun. And this blog was a starting point for me in making connections with the online craft community. I still find that community and those connections hugely important. Sometimes I spend more time with that community on Twitter, or on Ravelry, or on flickr, or on Facebook, or here on my blog. I like that it is fluid. The internet is like a big ol’ party, and I can float from room to room and enjoy it as it comes.

I love it. And I love the people I’ve met here. And I’m grateful to those of you who continue to read, and to comment. You rock.

Just for funsies, I scrolled back through my first blog posts and found this, my very first FO picture. It wasn’t my first finished object, but it was the first one I ever thought to take a picture of, and it was my first hat. And I think my first knitting in the round.

my first FO pic, fall 2005
That’s a 16 month-old Tiny Dancer right there (and a crappy point-and-shoot camera).

And also for funsies, here’s a picture of Little Buddha around the same time, but without knitwear.
Little Buddha, toddler

They’ve grown a lot in the past 5 years. I feel like I have too, especially as a knitter. You guys have been a big part of that. Huge. In fact, I don’t know if I would even be knitting without the knowledge and encouragement and inspiration I’ve gained from the internet. So, thank you.

And to say thank you with more than words, I have a fun little giveaway. Serendipitously, a representative from CSN Stores contacted me recently and offered me the opportunity to host a giveaway from them. I jumped at the chance. They are offering a $55 promotional code for one lucky person to use on any of their websites. Pretty cool, huh? You might know them from their website Modern Rugs . Pretty stuff there! They also have a site for Modern Furniture , Shoes , Pet Stuff , and many other shops. The gift code can be used at any of their sites.

Interested? Leave a comment – let me know your thoughts about the state of blogging, the role of blogs, or anything else you want to say – by Wednesday, January 25 at 6:00pm EST . I will be drawing a winner with a random number generator.

Thanks, bloggy friends, for your kind and encouraging words over the years, for your creative inspiration, and for your friendship!

52 thoughts on “5 years, 400 posts, and a giveaway

  1. Happy 5th blogaversary!! I enjoy reading your block and seeing your pics of your adorable boys. So glad I’ve gotten to know you online, Stacey!

  2. Congrats on your blogaversary! I stumbled randomly into your little home on the internet and your projects amaze me! I’m not as skilled sadly but I’ve tried ;P

  3. It is interesting how blogging has started to slow down these days. I’m in a similar boat as you–I have really enjoyed having a blog, but I’m trying to lessen my self-expectations, and also thinking about ways to reinvent what I’m doing to better reflect my current place in the world. Thanks for 5 great years!

  4. I love that your was among the first blogs I read, I can’t believe the boys were that small!! My blog has nearly, but not quite died, I keeping waiting and hoping for more hours in the day, but apparently I like to use that time for sleeping. I’m not reading much in blog land, just when someone links from FB or twitter and I happen to have time. I kind of miss blogs, but as I used them to connect to my crafting community, I feel that it’s not a complete loss, since there are LL those other ways to connect now. (glad you’re still blogging here and there though!)

  5. Look how wee the boys were when you started! Congrats on five years, Stacey, it’s a big deal! I feel like knit blogs are on the decline because many people can accomplish what they want on Ravelry now. I view my blog more as a craft blog and really more as a way to records what I have done and what I want to do. Like you, I don’t put any expectations on myself, but it’s nice to have things written up to revisit (but this sort of documentation is my bread and butter, so obviously, I am biased). Also, quilt blogs, those are not on the decline, if anything, I would say they are seeing the explosion that knit blogs saw maybe two or three years ago? I have no statistics to back this up, just a hypothesis.

  6. You were one of my very first internet friends back when I was in Seattle and about to move to Alaska to teach. I stumbled upon your blog from a friend’s blog and was totally hooked. Then I started to listen to your sermons online, which have been a great blessing since I haven’t really gone to church in three years.

    I totally relate to the communities that many of us have found online. Y’all keep me connected to the real world!!

    And dude. Visiting you when I’m in Michigan makes going to Michigan way more exciting and worthwhile 🙂

  7. i can’t even imagine what my life would be like without blogging. i know i’d be a lot lonelier and certainly not quite as inspired in my crafty work. but like you, i sometimes feel like i neglect the blog and definitely don’t read blogs like i used to. but i’m not ready to give it either up.

    congratulations on 5 years.

    also, please don’t include me in the giveaway.

  8. Happy 5 years! I’ve only been along for the ride for the last year or two, but have enjoyed your blog. I think I know how you feel — my blogging has become very infrequent with the advent of so many other outlets. But it’s still there, waiting for me to update every once in a while (hopefully soon!) because I have so much to share with folks who may not be plugged in on the other sites.

  9. Congratulations!!

    I’m not a blogger myself but I very much enjoy reading blogs– especially of the knitty variety. 🙂 I love to see what other people are working on and get ideas for my own crafty plans.

  10. I waffle on my thoughts about blogging, but I still catch myself needing to communicate through mine. I also find myself still needing to read others, including yours. It think it gives me a wider perspective than perhaps Facebook or my daily life.

  11. I also feel similarly about blogging – I’ve considered giving it up, but I still like it as a way to share and keep track of my crafty projects, and I always appreciate learning about what others are up to on their blogs. Congrats on 5 years!

  12. Congrats on 5 years! I miss the personal dialogue that was more common back when more knitting blogs featured more frequent posts; that said, I don’t miss all the progress updates and photos! Ravelry has been awesome for the most part, but it really did take away some of the impetus for blogging, and the forums are just too much for me.

  13. Happy blogiversary!! It’s been a great 5 years – I’ve loved reading you and getting to know you – and meeting you!! Here’s to the next 5- cheers!

  14. I don’t have a blog, but I sure enjoy reading them. Yours is one that I have really enjoyed. I definitely prefer a blog to a facebook post or a tweet. I guess maybe I’m old fashion. Hehe! Congratulations on 5 years!

  15. Hi Stacey…

    Don’t enter me in the drawing….but do know that I love reading your blog. Hope you continue to post and share photos of your knitting and kids 🙂

  16. Happy Blogiversary! Like you, blogging has become a much smaller piece of my online being, but every time I think about giving up my blog, I realize that I’m not ready for that. I like having a little more space than Facebook or Rav give me. And I’m glad you feel that way, too!

  17. So many things to say… let’s see:

    1. Wow, i can’t believe it’s been so long and I only really started following you 3 years ago.

    2. It’s amazing to me how clear their personalities were at such a young age. I obviously only seem them through this blog, but the personalities on their faces at 18 months seems very close to what I see on their faces now. Little Buddha – thoughtful and serious. Little Dancer – joyful and inquisitive.

    3. I know that blogging has changed quite a lot over the years. In some ways it’s sad because I feel that I got into knitting blogs (through nova) as their appeal has waned. There have been some great blogs that have just… stopped. I finally started mine last fall and many of the people that inspired me to start have since moved on and I kind of missed that chance to connect with that part of the knitterly universe.

    4. And, since I’ve never said it and should have, at those times that your blog looked like it might go that way, I’ve been sad, as I’ve always enjoyed your words, the pics of the boys, and the pics of the handknits. So, thank you for continuing to blog; I appreciate your efforts.

  18. I love reading your blog, and am very happy you continue! I also enjoy Ravelry, srsly – those patterns!!! I have followed you for a few years, not sure how many now, and kinda feel like I know you. I would be sad if the different people I follow, suddenly stopped.

  19. I still enjoy reading blogs, especially for knitting and crafts, as I get inspired by seeing what you and other creative folk are making. I’m on Ravelry, too, but I use it more as a way to track my own projects. Thank you for sharing your creations and ideas in your blog!

  20. I am still addicted to reading blogs. I don’t even know why. But every day I make my rounds. I would miss it if my favs were gone…

  21. Blogs are a nice way to share things with others online as well as get opinions and feedback. However, there are way too many blogs out there to keep up with so I’m very mixed on them. Thanks!

  22. I have loved your blog ever since I stumbled over it and am so glad you continue to post. I don’t blog myself but love my bloggy reading fix! Happy anniversary!

  23. Happy 5th blogaversary! For the most part I love to read blogs—problem is too many to choose from and hard to find the perfect one for me! Believe me I love giveaways–but too many blogs turn into just giveaways—and when they have 200 ways to enter–it’s crazy —scroll down the page for 15 minutes to leave my entry and see that I am #987–agh!
    I kind of prefer small blogs that post once week.

  24. Happy blogaversary, and thanks for the giveaway! I love to read sewing, knitting and quilting blogs! There’s so much creativity, and they make most of the magazines pale by comparison! I’ve gotten so many new ideas and patterns from the wonderfully creative blogs I’ve found, plus watching other people struggle with their projects makes me feel normal as I do the same!

  25. Aw! I love those early pictures. I remember the first time I took a picture of knitting and posted it on my old blog. Good times.

    I was just thinking about blogging and reading blogs. I definitely read fewer, and I’m more discerning about which ones I want to keep reading, or remove from the reader. There’s just a handful of the early blogs that were faves years ago that are still faves now! Like this one! Congrats on 5 years, lady!

  26. I have been blogging for about 2 1/2 years and I love it. I really enjoy the commenting and getting to know other bloggers. I plan to be around for 5 years too!

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  28. I, for one, am so glad that you haven’t given up your “room at the party”! I recently had an itch to go back to blogging, and your description here of why you keep doing is turning that itch into a full on urge, so THANK YOU for that. Thanks for giving us a 5-year look at what’s going on with you!

  29. Wow – just in under the deadline! Seeing your boys so young really puts how many years it has been into perspective. Where does the time go?

    I am not a consistent blogger, and yet I feel guilty for that inconsistency. I still do read lots of blogs (including yours!). I really enjoy the interaction and because of RSS aggregators I think it’s really taken the pressure off of consistent posting since I get a notification of your post when you do. Its like I can stop by for a quick peek into your life and a spot of tea and then can be busy with other people and life while you are busy with others and life.

    anyway, I’m glad you keep at it – I’ve added plenty of patterns to my ravelry queue because of you and am inspired to get back to spinning. So thank you for blogging! I enjoy it!

  30. Happy Anniversary, I think the future of blogs is strong. So many companies are using bloggers to reach potential customers and it doesn’t cost them a fortune in advertising. I know that I have bought a couple of items based on the reviews of bloggers.

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